Birthday – Anniversary – Baby Shower – Graduation – Special Occasion

At Market Street Bakery, the difference is in how our cakes are created, from scratch.  Without added mixes or bases, and using only natural dyes, and coloring, what you will notice is the beauty of our designs, and the amazing flavors of our quality ingredients.

Order one today for your special occasion and experience the difference!

Market Street Bakery Favorites

Our cakes are made with three layers of cake and many delicious fillings! Choose from one of our creations, or create a cake of your own.

Chocolate TruffleChocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate mousse filling, iced with delicious chocolate butter cream. For the chocolate lover!!
White Chocolate CarrotCarrot cake, white chocolate mousse filling, iced with cream cheese icing and decorated with almonds.
Lemon StrawberryLemon pound cake filled with lemon curd and strawberry filling, iced with cream cheese icing and decorated seasonally.
Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, iced with white butter cream and decorated with dark chocolate.
German ChocolateChocolate cake, filled with coconut pecan filling and chocolate mousse, iced with chocolate butter cream and decorated with pecan coconut filling and nuts.

Custom Cakes

To create your own custom cake, simply make your selections from the following lists:
Cake FlavorCarrot Cake, Chocolate, White, Lemon.
Cake Filling – Bavarian Cream, Fruit and Berry Filling, Lemon Curd, Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate Mousse.
Cake Frosting – Plain/Flavored Italian Buttercream, Plain/Flavored Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese, German Chocolate.


6″ Serves 6-8 1/4 Sheet Serves 24
8″ Serves 12–14 1/2 Sheet Serves 48
10″ Serves 16-20 Full Sheet  (2-layer maximum) Serves 96
12″ Serves 20-30

*Please call for current pricing

*Ask about pricing on special order items.

*Extra cost may apply for stacking cakes or unusually shaped cakes.