Pastries and Desserts

Morning Pastries
A light, flaky pastry topped with cream cheese and fruit.
VinábraudA Traditional Icelandic pastry with almond filling and vanilla custard.
CroissantsOur version of the traditional French pastry, buttery and flaky.  Available in: Plain, Ham and Cheddar, Turkey and Swiss, and Chocolate or Almond.
Brooklyn Crumb BunThe “Original Cinnamon Roll” with sweet crumbs pressed into the roll.

EclairsFrench pastry shell filled with whipped cream and a chocolate dipped top.
Individual Cheesecakesa personal portioned version of the delectable classic, in assorted flavors.
Aster TorteChocolate and hazelnut mousse sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake topped with hazelnut truffle ganache.
Fruit TartsRaspberry, marion berry, apple, strawberry or other fruit inside our delicious almond tart dough.
Rum BallsChocolate cake mixed with real Jamaican Rum then dipped in dark chocolate.
BrowniesOur decadent chocolate brownie made with the finest chocolate.
TiramisuA popular Italian cake made of lady fingers, espresso and mascarpone.
CanoliThe Sicillian pastry with a shell of pastry dough filled with a sweet creamy filling.
Raspberry Almond TartletAn almond shortbread crust, raspberry filling and  topped with a moist almond cake.
Chocolate Mousse CupA dark chocolate shell chocolate filled with decadent chocolate and  strawberry mousse, garnished with a fresh strawberry.

Chocolate Mint
Our signature cookie made with the finest chocolate chips and an exclusive Chehalis Mint blend.
Peanut-Peanut ButterPeanut butter cookies with whole peanuts throughout.
GranolaAn oatmeal cookie loaded with fruit.
Snickerdoodle An old-fashioned sugar cookie with cinnamon-sugar topping.

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